About eCRT

eClerx's Cable Resource Tool (eCRT) helps manage technical operations with a key focus on automation and productivity gains, thereby maximizing profitability.

Key Strengths

Simple, scalable and cost effective

A user friendly tool which extends to meet dynamic business requirements at an affordable cost.

Best in class customer support

Backed by dedicated team of seasoned professionals committed to provide superior customer experience.

Flexible and agile customization

Quick turn around and custom builds to suit specific business needs.

Highly secure environment

Best in class information security practices, thereby helping maintain data security.

Product At a Glance

Key Features

360 Degree View

  • End to end tracking of pieces of equipment, work orders, invoicing as well as payroll.


  • Automated scripts and productivity gains for repetitive tasks.

Simplified User Experience

  • A web based and platform independent solution enabling anywhere access.
  • Responsive design enables optimal viewing across various devices

Enhanced Visualization & Reporting

  • Custom reports with multi-level drilldown option.
  • Real time dashboard highlighting equipment, job status.

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